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Hunting an the good old days

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Just saw a story about a man out hunting an he got hurt an spent 19 days out in the wilderness until he was found. Well I knew a little about this I got back the same day,only because I wasn’t hurt real bad,an lucky but bad things happen and my accident was two fold. The first part was that I went out hunting alone,never a good idea. The second was I slipped an fell with my leg behind me an I thought I broke something because the pain was a 10+ hurt like hell pain. I had been hand gun hunting for javelina a few miles behind Lake Pleasant at the foothills of the Bradshaw mountains beautiful high desert about 2,000 + feet elevation so it was mild weather I think Feb,1981. I had bagged an suit-cased my javelina “suitcase is all 4 legs tied together an carry like a suit case” and was heading back to my truck about 2 miles away from where I fell.When I fell backwards my leg was behind my back an I haven’t been that limber since I was a babe. So it hurt like hell an I really thought my leg was broken ,I could not put any weight on it.I had laid there where I fell for about 30 minutes due to the pain. After a while it let up enough that I could crawl about 20 yards over where I saw a stick sturdy enough to use as a crutch to hobble back to the truck with. I grabbed the javelina ~35# on my strong side and spent the next 2 hours getting back to my truck. No fun but it beat crawling back. Once back I had to shift with my right leg since the left was in poor shape but I made it home an being the frugal an dumb hunter type I hobbled around my javelina skinned an quartered it an got it in the freezer about which time my wife got home an took me to emergency room for diagnostics. Lucky again only a real bad sprain an no broken bones. I did lose about a week off work an about 6 weeks till I could walk normal with little pain but I never went hunting alone again. Which after all is said and done is never a good idea.

Well I screwed the pooch

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Not sure what I did but I wiped out my blog. I have not been able to access it so I guess will have to start over. Cheers to all